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Rehomed 10/10/15

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Elsa is a 4 year old German Shepherd who came to us after a call from our vet’s to say she was going to be put to sleep due to her owner being seriously ill and there was nobody who could look after her. Although well cared for, Elsa had not been for a walk since she was 7 months old and was quite nervous of everything. Over the next few weeks, our┬ádog psychologist Lisa worked with Elsa and helped with her rehabilitation. She was found to have a lovely sweet temperament and Lisa was hoping she could find a fantastic new home for her with someone who could carry on working with her and who could realise her potential. Lisa’s wish came true on the 10th of October when Elsa was rehomed to a┬ácouple who she knew quite well who were experienced with the breed and who had previously adopted rescue German Shepherds from us. Elsa has been given a second chance and she will have a fantastic life with her new owners!