Registered Charity Number: 1092771    


Breed:   Lhasa Apso
Age/Sex:   7 years/Male
Size:   Small
Dogs:   Ok
Cats:   Not known
Children:   Over 16 years


Ralphie is a 7 year old male Lhasa Apso who has been handed in to rescue. He is a very active boy who loves to run when he goes out. He is a very independent lad who fairs better with having his own area to rest/sleep in. Ralphie likes to know what you expect of him and loves to work for treats. Although he gets on with other dogs, he does prefer dogs the same size as him. Ralphie adores doing agility and other activities where he can run round and let off steam. When he first came into rescue, Ralphie was very sensitive at being touched and is not keen on being given too much affection. He much prefers long fun walks rather than cuddling up on a sofa. Above all, this lad absolutely loves to have fun so will definitely need an active family who enjoy the outside life and go for long country/seaside walks. If you can offer our Ralphie a fun filled forever home , please get in touch with Lisa on 07912146587.